Log Cabin Homes

12Log cabin homes have been around for centuries, both in Europe and America, as well as elsewhere in the world. While these structures often bring to mind the rustic homes of the pioneers in the old west, or little log cottages in the Swiss alps which have stood for centuries, they have been build even to this day and over time have become quite luxurious and modern while maintaining the old-time simplicity in design. Even palatial mansions have been constructed using the ancient method of log building. But the idea of owning a log cabin for the use of year-round living in as a home often for some seems a secondary thought, as what first pops into the mind for some people is a vacation cottage used for fishing or hunting trips or as summer getaways. Are they really home-worthy?

Consider the fact of the durability of construction. Log cabin homes are thick-walled, naturally insulating, and even fire-retardant, depending on the type of wood. The way the logs interlock with each other, they’re even strong enough to withstand most earthquakes. The simplicity of their construction is also something to consider, especially with the advent of pre-cut, pre-shaped logs. Some log homes are made from “kits”… these aren’t same-looking cabins spit out on a conveyor belt, no – the ‘kit’ part of it all is in the uniformity of the shaping and notching of each log in a factory setting. This not only creates a quality of interchangeability for each piece, allowing for countless home design specs, but also the opportunity to acquire such supplies at a hugely minimal cost. Sets are delivered to the construction site with each part numbered for ease of construction that takes weeks, not months, to accomplish.

But modern-day log cabin homes are also an excellent investment. Of all non-conventional home types, log homes appreciate the most over time. Just look at the market today for log homes, and you’ll see what I mean. Yes, there are log-built structures that are more like hunting trip shacks, but there are also luxurious log homes that are beautifully built. Some are being offered for a half-million dollars, and that’s not including the property they stand on. This type of structure and how it is constructed can last for quite a long time indeed. There are some in Europe that have stood for many centuries long, and are still very sturdy structures that may last for centuries more. So yes, yes indeed, log cabin homes are very much home-worthy – and they stand to be very excellent investments as well, even if you decide to never sell your home… they can be investments in time, in that you can leave the home to future generations of your family.

The World’s Best Home Decor Expos

11Are you a home décor fanatic? A person who can’t help but spend their time decorating and looking around for new bric-a-brac to fill your home?

You get distracted in IKEA, wander into antique shops and don’t leave for hours, and are constantly arguing with the hubby about whether you can afford another remodeling. True? Well, perhaps you want to splurge and check out some of these expos, both in your own backyard and across the globe.

Washington Home and Garden Show

A renovators dream. This annual show takes place in March in the Walter E. Washington Convention Centre – in fact, it’s right near the city museum in downtown DC. Here 700 exhibitors show off their wares, so you can’t say you’re want for choice. Children aged five and under get in free, and it’s only $12 for an adult. Be sure to check out the innovative ‘Annapolis Lighting White Room’ where people stick colourful stickers all over a white room and its white furniture. It’ll be a sensuous piece of art by the end of it.

Home Base Expo, Perth

This expo is based in Perth, Australia, this expo is open seven days a week all year around. That’s right. You don’t have to wait until a particular season to get your fix of building, renovating, decorating, landscaping, interior design and architectural innovation. You can buy so many products from the 350 displays, and may find yourself feeling a little bit inspired. They also offer 6 week courses and half day seminars for anyone who wants a little bit of advice from an independent practitioner.

Home Décor Expo, Poznan

Come to Poland for this European design expo. Participants come from loads of countries – Austria, Belgium, Belarus, Brazil, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Frances, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Holland, Hungary and Ireland – and know their stuff. There’s stuff for the person who wants to renovate their kitchen, their bathroom, or their backyard. This is about gorgeous interior design, from experts who know what’s important when putting together your perfect home.

Décor Expo, Algier

Algeria is your next stop – a small African country who offers their homeware exhibition in November. It’s got a stack of international furniture, decoration, home textile, housewares and electrical appliances up for grabs for the thrifty home décor shopper with a more exotic eye.

Home Dec, Asia

This exhibition visits many parts of Malaysia over the course of July, September and October. This requires less travel than a trip to the US or Europe, but offers just as many sights on the side. Johor Bahru and Kota Kinabalu in Malaysia are the first stops on this exhibition’s tour, and then you’ll move on to Penang and Kuala Lumpur.

Home Decorating Trends From Pinterest in 2016

10I bet that many people would love to find some home decoration ideas from Pinterest, and so do I. And it would be an excellent idea to find some wonderful ideas for decorating your home from Pinterest since there are millions of ideas that given by people all over the world.

As long as you spend time on looking to it, you will certainly find your favorite one. In view of that, I am going to share with you guys some predicted trends of home decor in 2016, which are based on the pictures on Pinterest.

Geometric Tiles

Tiles could be widely used in our home, especially in the bathroom. And geometric tiles would be more refreshing than the formal one, so they could absolutely make your bathroom looks more playful. What’s more, it will be also delightful to pick up your favorite color combination of the geometric tiles you choose.

Northern Europe Style

As far as I am concerned, the northern Europe style is similar to the minimalism style, which has been adored by me for a long time. To keep everything simple is also a way to make your home look more spacious. However, women might love something more colorful and fairy. So, if you are a man who lives alone, you could take this style into consideration somehow.

Black and White

As the northern Europe style, this contrasting color combination would be a wonderful idea for a man. Home decorations in black and white could make your home look tougher. In addition, some natural material decoration, for example, the PU leather and stones, could make your home more interesting.

Conceal Wires

There are lots of people who would love to have a solution to conceal those annoying wires. The more electronic devices we got, the more wires we had in our home. But, it’s not pleasing to see those wires tangled up and scattered all over the floor. Now, it’s time for you to find out the best way to get those wires out of your sight.

Colorful Cushions

The fastest way to change the style of your home would be adding some creative cushions. Colorful cushions could make a great big difference to not only the couch in the living room but also your bed.

Handy Craft

As for warm home, a piece of handy craft could make your home look much more soothing. And as a matter of fact, to make a piece of handy craft could be a funny thing for you.

Contemporary Home Furniture and Accessories for Modern Living

9Crate and Barrel is a home furniture and accessories shop that offers good quality at a reasonable price. You will always find something perfect and useful for your home. You may not easily chance upon an actual Crate and Barrel store but you can always check their website for your online shopping convenience.

Gordon and Carole Segal started crate and Barrel during the ’60s. Its concept was inspired by their European honeymoon. They noticed that majority of the home improvement stores in Europe has functional and durable products. Furniture and accessories are also contemporary and very appealing. Since then, they decided to start their own shop that will offer functional and aesthetically appealing products to young couples.

The first Crate and Barrel outlet was opened in Wells Street, Chicago. They leased an abandoned factory and started their own business. Their products are imported directly from Europe. Its first product line includes French copper pots, bistro dinnerware, and ceramic accessories that they have bought throughout their travel.

One interesting idea of their first outlet is that merchandise is displayed on top of crates and barrels that were used during its shipping. This emphasized one of their strongest points against competitors – their products are direct imports.

Crate and Barrel products are now available in over 170 stores across the US. They also ventured in the international market and had their stores in Toronto and Calgary, Canada. There are also plans of setting up a store in Dubai.

Though they started originally in European house ware, you can also find other styles in their items. You can have Mexican, Thai, and Indian-inspired designs among their broad product line. Their products are often contemporary and have exciting colors. You will find that their furniture and accessories will fit in your house because of its physical appeal and functional use.

Crate and Barrel outlet offers everything that you will need in transforming your house into a home. They offer both indoor and outdoor furniture. You can choose from different styles of living room, dining room, and bedroom sets. You also have different options for your porch and garden. There are umbrellas, bistro sets, and other outdoor furniture to suit your preferences.

Majority of their small appliances are related to food and drinks. There are mixers, waffle makers, and food processors. They also offer oil and drink mixes.

For decorative items, you can find numerous candles, holders, frames, and mirrors. Kitchen goods and bath accessories are also aplenty. There are pots, pans, bake ware, and bowls. Bath accessories like shower curtains, linens, and mats may change its colors and patterns seasonally. You may want to watch out for mark down sales whenever they clear out for the next season.

Online shopping is also one of the strong points of Crate and Barrel. It will offer you with promos and convenient shopping experience. You can create a registry when you purchase online to avail discounts. Shipping and packaging normally takes one week so you need to order ahead of time if you are planning for a big event or a major redecoration in your house.

European Pillow

8Euro pillows are one of the very first things you notice when walking into a suite at a five star hotel, besides the complementary breath mints of course. Unlike other types of pillows, these pillows come in a specific size and shape. They form a perfect square that is 26 inches on all sides. If you are thinking of decorating your bedroom and adding new accent pieces, or simply looking forward to a more comfortable bed, these pillows should be one of your first considerations.

Head support

Does you large regular pillows that sag when you tuck your head in? The Euro provides just the right amount of comfort for heads, which makes them one of the most widely used pillows in Europe. Unlike rectangular pillows, these pillows come with a just enough down and filling to provide the right level of support for your head all throughout the night. Unlike other types of pillows, the Euro is designed to fit the head perfectly which explains the square shape that will reduce the chances of pillow filling spreading towards the ends of the pillow. Try the Pinzon Euro cushions that come with a 100 percent cotton cover. The Pinzon pillows have a 200 thread count fabric and 95 percent feather filling and 5 percent down filling to give you just the right firmness and density. These pillows are also hypoallergenic to suit even the most sensitive individuals.

Back support

For a growing number of people, the bed is no longer just another place to sleep. With the hectic schedules that most people have, the bed is quickly becoming an office of sorts as well. Whether you are wrapping up your budget proposal or finishing the novel that you have been dying to read, the Euro cushions will provide excellent back support for you in bed. Try two Euro cushions and a bolster to create just the perfect niche for you in bed. The bed rest pillow is growing in popularity, but recreating your own bed rest without having to purchase a separate bed rest pillow set is easy because of the square shape of the Euro cushions, which will allow you to easily arrange the pillows to fit your back and provide support over your entire body.

Great decorative accents

It is not just the functional aspects of the Euro cushions which have made these pillows very popular. There are plenty of shams that require Euro cushions for filling. Add a couple of these pillows on your bed and combine with great covers for an instant bedroom makeover. Even better, these pillows can be paired with other home furniture pieces such as the couch and sofa. The pillows are also very inexpensive and have ready to wash and dry covers that will go great with households filled with kids or even pets.

Stack the pillows on your headboard, or use them to contrast and complement the bedroom. Use them for back support while engaging in some night time reading, or use them for sleep. The options are many with a functional pillow such as the Euro pillow.